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Polyvinyl alcohol is water soluble, non hazardous, non-toxic, and biodegradable polymer. Because it is water soluble, polyvinyl alcohol also reduces the need for organic solvents and it is a key ingredient in many biodegradable and green technologies.

Selvol products have many characteristics which make them useful in a wide range of application. Important end-use markets for these polymer products include paper, adhesives, building products, textiles, and specialty applications. Selvol Polyvinyl Alcohol resins perform well as textile sizing agents, pigment binders, emulsifying agents, and in adhesive and protective film applications. By choosing among the many Selvol PVOH grades available, it is possible to obtain the performance properties required for your specific applications such as water solubility, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, adhesive or bonding properties, grease or oil resistance, and film forming qualities.

Selvol polymers can be purchased as in two forms: resins or solutions. Many customers prefer to purchase the polymer resin to avoid shipping ‘water’. We have solution preparation brochures and videos available on the Resources page to assist customers in preparing the appropriate solution. For customers who do not have solubilization facilities, we offer select grades of solution for purchase. Special order solutions are available for an added fee.